Home and Auto Insurance, CARP membership.

CURAC has arranged special rates for home and auto insurance though Waterloo Insurance. The information is contained in:

Letter from CURAC [PDF]

Members who are interested can contact Waterloo Insurance directly.
The ARFL Executive has no independent information about the company
or the competitiveness of its rates and is circulating this letter
for information only.

CURAC has also arranged for reduced membership rates for CARP
(Canadian Association of Retired Persons).

Dear CURAC Board Members, CURAC Member Associations, Association Presidents, and Association CURAC Representatives,

Last month, CURAC/ARUCC President Tarun Ghose signed an agreement with CARP, one of whose provisions lets us now offer CARP Membership (and subscription to CARP’s “Zoomer” magazine) to retirees belonging to our Member Associations at a 25% discount from the advertised fee. Because of the timing of this announcement, CARP has graciously agreed to extend the current pricing until May 31, 2009, although their normal fees will be increasing on April 1, 2009.

Until May 31, retirees may join CARP for one year for $14.95 (regularly $19.95) or for three years for $44.85 (regularly $59.85). After May 31, 2009, the CURAC/ARUCC rate will increase to $26.21 for one year and $78.64 for three years (regular rates $34.95 and $104.85, respectively).

Retirees who are already CARP members may extend their memberships at the CURAC/ARUCC rates for one or three years.

Information about the CURAC/ARUCC – CARP agreement is posted on our Website (http://www.curac.ca).

The special Membership Form to Join CARP (or extend a membership) at these special rates can be found at http://www.curac.ca/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/CARP_Signup_Form_2009a.pdf

We hope this offer will be of interest to your members, and we ask you to please forward this note to them.

Best wishes,

George Brandie